Does my story sounds like yours?

I survived and thrived in one of the most fast paced challenging corporations in the world.

But deep down I was not happy
And I couldn’t figure out why

In theory my life looked amazing. Professional recognition and busy social life. My friends were telling me I had it all, but inside of me I couldn’t feel the same. Despite external signs of “material” success, I was battling with stress and low self-esteem.  I spent my life striving to be perfect, and it still was not enough.

It took me my own life coach, few steps into a spiritual journey  and a round-the-world trip to realize how much my greatest wealth was myself and how much I had within me all necessary resources to fulfill all my dreams.

This path was the most intense & exciting experience I ever had. Most importantly, walking this path allowed me to feel internally satisfied, freed from my deep fears and imaginary chains.

I am convinced that we create our reality every day and that life is ultimately a set of experiences whose purpose is to make us evolve.

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Want to know more about me?
Here are some more facts:

  • I believe in the power of experiences
  • I am committed to lifelong learning
  • I love traveling and interacting with different cultures
  • I love to speak in public
  • I am an artistic painter
  • I practice meditation
  • I am a certified coach
  • I have a master’s degree in Finance & Management
  • I worked 15+ years within Multinationals (McKinsey&Company, Amann International, Boeing) in Executive Management positions